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Our work

We collaborate with beautifully powerful dancers and talented creative artists to produce exciting, emotive and rhythmic contemporary dance work.


In progress


This bold and challenging new work takes a look at the invisible which lives in us all, reaching beyond the physical and forces what we normally hide away to become centre stage. 


Louder than Words

Our outdoor touring work sees dancers and a musician competing for leadership. The dancers weave and glide around the live musician, who is creating rhythm and sound from a range of newly built instruments.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 00.50.29.jpeg



Three, an experimental dance duet with risk. Live percussion is composed and created live in front of both dancers and the audience.



Two Plus One

Our very first outdoor work (2012-2014), taking our love and joy for sound, rhythm and high octane movement to outdoor audiences across the UK, featuring live percussionist Christopher Preece with 2 of our founding company dancers.




Our debut work in 2012, Expanding it’s deep rhythmic percussion sound and pushing the dancers to their physical limits, this piece divulges into Cathy Waller’s distinct choreographic style; the bond between sound and visual movement. With resounding acclaim from critics, dance organisations and supporters, the full length ‘Tempo’ is eagerly awaited.

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