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Us is a new full length contemporary dance work

that explores why we hide certain parts of ourselves, our emotions and our experiences.

About the project

Through Cathy’s powerful movement vocabulary, invisibility is put centre stage, as audiences step into a choreographic world built on real life experiences.


The work seeks to reveal new perspectives on the experience of invisibility in today’s world. Thought- provoking, moving and entertaining, the work is driven by an original composition of live recorded orchestral and electronic music, by MOBO Award Winning Composer Lewis Wright.

Fast paced and grounded movement with subtle intricacies and nuances, the audiences see, feel and hear the struggle and toll it takes in keeping yourself hidden. This thought- provoking work challenges ingrained cultural assumptions, using formation and unified movement to create a sense of community and commonality that drives the point that we’re all in this together.

Interwoven sections of real stories that are normally hidden away are finally shared centre stage, creating a space where powerful movement supports wider learning and acceptance of us all.

Touring dates: 2023 onwards

Tour Pack - Coming Soon

Project Credits

Cathy Waller

Emma Kerr

Lewis Wright

Rehearsal Director:
Jenni Fletcher

James Williams

Jordan Caldwell-Smith,
Sarah Golding,
Yukiko Masui,
Dominic Rocca.

Project and Production Partners

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