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Louder Than Words

Us is a new full length contemporary dance work

that explores why we hide certain parts of ourselves, our emotions and our experiences.

About the project

An explosive and dynamic dance work set to the sound and rhythm of a live musician on stage. Two dancers compete, test and outdo each other whilst being challenged by the multiple instruments and percussion played live in between them.


As the powerful and beat-heavy sound intensifies, the dancers are forced together performing spectacular lifts, turns and falls, matching the musician’s authority. As the competition begins to shift towards the music, watch how the dancers weave and glide around the musician, all trying to outshine each other in this vigorous and vibrant display of dance and music.

Touring dates: 2014-2015

Brighton Festival,
Greenwich and Docklands Festival,
Hat Fair,
Liberty Festival,
National Theatre

Project Credits

Cathy Waller

Lucy Glover

Composer and Musician: Christopher Preece

Yukiko Masui,
Gareth Mole

Project and Production Partners

Commissioned by Without Walls and Brighton Festival

Supported by East London Dance, University of East London and Greenwich Dance

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