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2nd - 29th May

Rich Mix, London


Unseen | Unmasked is our specially commissioned exhibition inspired by the theme of invisibility.


Revealing the ubiquity of the unseen, photographer The1Harris explores the experiences of Neurodiverse people of colour, together with his own, to expose, challenge and unmask identity and perception. 

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Friday 10th May, 4 - 6pm
Rich Mix, London

Double bill: film & live performance

For programmers, producers, venues and sector colleagues, this is your chance to catch the full set of works available for programming from Autumn 2025 / Spring 2026.​


We’ll walk you through our specially commissioned photography series Unseen | Unmasked by Harris, you’ll watch our new dance film You are also Us created in locations across Dorset and, we’ll present our new live dance work, You and Us - inspired by how invisibility affects us all.

Saturday 11th May, 7.15pm
Rich Mix, London

​Double bill: film & performance

Join us for an evening of live dance, film and photography inspired by hundreds of voices from across the UK. 


The work explores how invisibility affects us all, revealing a hidden truth: the shared experience of invisibility binds us more than we realise.


Through breathtaking movement and powerful stories, we'll unveil a world hidden in plain sight, uncovering the threads that connect us all.

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