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Emily Thompson-Smith


Emily is a London based dance artist and trained at London Contemporary Dance School. Since graduating, Emily has worked with choreographers and companies such as Gary Clarke Company, Glyndebourne Opera, Aletta Collins(for Royal Shakespeare Company), James Wilton, Renaud Wiser, Eleesha Drennan, Rosie Kay, Holly Blakey, Tamsyn Russell, Corey Baker, Cathy Waller, Jamaal Burkmar, Pell Ensemble and Tribe Company.

As well as performing for choreographer Jorge Crecis, Emily has acted as rehearsal director and assistant choreographer for Jorge on various projects for Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre, Intoto Company and for London Contemporary Dance School.

Emily also works as a movement specialist with choreographer Charlie Mayhewfor film and commercial projects such as the films The Mummy, Teen Spiritand various international commercials and music videos

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Tempo (Double Bill)

Emily Thompson-Smith
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