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We are looking for up to 8 dancers to perform two new exciting and innovative choreographic works.

Audition call out read by Cathy
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About the project

Us began in 2019, as a public engagement research project facilitating 300+ people to express creatively how invisibility plays a role in their lives & how it impacts them daily. 


For 2023-24 we are creating three strands of new work based on and inspired by this research: an indoor dance show choreographed by Cathy, a dance-for-drone film choreographed by Cathy & co-produced with young people and a new project exhibition including images by a disabled photographer.


We are looking for dancers to join one, or both; the dance-for-drone film and the onstage dance work. 


About the work

The works’ narrative looks into people’s lived experiences of invisibility, how the unseen can shape human interaction and how presumption and prejudice force exclusion. This project will experiment with how movement and sound can make the invisible be seen, heard and felt, in the most visible way possible, centre stage and through the lens.


What we’re looking for

Applicants should have sound contemporary dance technique, strong floor work, strong musicality, and experience in highly physical dance work. Backgrounds in hip hop, breaking or capoeira are desired, but not required. Dancers should have completed professional dance training and show experience in professional projects/works. Disabled artists are encouraged to apply and access provisions can be supplied upon request. 


We’re a strong and hard working company that is respectful and encourages the nurturing of each other, whilst enjoying the process of collaboration under Cathy’s lighthearted and joyful leadership. 

Within the creation process, we will draw on our existing research of over 300 people’s lived experiences of invisibility. There is no pressure or expectation that our dancers disclose any invisibility that they identify of their own. If you choose to share your own experiences, we will support you as best we can and as is appropriate. 


For more information check out our about and works pages


Dancers must be available for all of the dates for the project/s applied for:


Us Dance-for-Drone Film (2023)

Location: London and Bournemouth

Week 1:  25th - 29th Sept

Week 2:  2nd - 6th Oct

Week 3:  9th - 12th Oct

Filming:  13th - 15th Oct

Us On Stage (2024)

Location: London

Week 1:  19th - 23rd Feb

Week 2:  26th Feb - 1st Mar

Week 3:  4th - 8th Mar

Week 4:  15th - 20th Mar

Performance: 21st Mar 


Weekly Fee breakdown:

£600 Fee

£75 Holiday Pay (12.5%)

£30 Pension Contribution (5%)

Total weekly amount: £705


Filming days:

£175 per day

£21.12 Holiday Pay (12.07%)

£8.75 Pension Pay (5%)

Total daily amount: £205



Application deadline:  Monday 24th April, 5pm

Notification:                 Monday 1st May 

Audition:                       Sunday 14th May, 1pm - 5pm in London

How to apply

To apply please send:

  • Your CV (including headshot and showreel/video link)

  • A short statement (no more than 500 words) explaining why you would like to work on the project and with the company

  • Indicate which project you would like to be considered for, either the dance-for-drone film, the onstage work or both. 

  • A completed (and anonymous) data collection form which is linked HERE


Send everything to by 5pm on Monday 24th April.



If you would prefer to apply by video or audio please send a private YouTube or Vimeo link, or audio file which should be no more than 5 minutes. 

Let us know in your application if you have any access requirements for the audition so we can support you and put these in place. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email

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