'Tempo' - Sadler's Wells Sampled, Peacock Theatre


'Cathy Waller won the London Dance Award 2012 recently, as well as the Blueprint Bursary, and her work, Tempo, for four women is absorbing in its physical control and unison, accompanied by the brilliantly-played original percussion score by Christopher Preece. Hannah Dial, Yukiko Masui, Maddy Morgan and Kassie Starkey crouched, stretched and were impeccably together like synchronized swimmers, their pony tails swishing as their toned bodies performed the intricacies of the floor patternings' 

Margaret Willis - DanceTabs




'Tempo' - Blueprint, Stratford Circus


'Following the interval was Blueprint Bursary 2012 Winner Cathy Waller, with her incredibly intricate piece Tempo. Tempo was accompanied by a live score performed on stage by musician/composer Christopher Preece, the heavy bass complementing the dancers' dynamic movement of contemporary and hip-hop origin. Waller's aim of matching each individual choreographic phrase to the music was clearly demonstrated as the pulsating and evolving sound was reflected by the sheer strength and seamless quality of the dancers.'  

Jessica Wilson -






'Beneath Me Lies' (Dance Offensive) - Sadler's Wells


"Artists or companies whose work moved beyond pure entertainment was, for this festival veteran, tipped in favour of the latter. Consider Dance Offensive, from Cambridgeshire, in Beneath me Lies, a youth-in-turmoil abstraction with sexual abuse as its underlying theme and a broken, beat-heavy version of a Prokofiev string quartet as the soundtrack"

Donald Hutera - The Times 




'Pressure Drop II' (Dance Offensive) - Sadler's Wells


"It's experiments such as these, which break with convention in order to explore the stage, that keep the festival ahead of the game."

Sanjoy Roy - The Guardian


'Pressure Drop II' (Dance Offensive) - Sadler's Wells


"The most serious minded work came from Cambridgeshire based company dance offensive. In a thoughtful, clever blend of movement and text."

Donald Hutera - The Times 

Choreographer Reviews

'Cathy Waller has established herself as one of the most exciting choreographers to watch out for’

Hakeem Onibudo - British Council Ambassador




'We programmed Tempo as part of Sadler's Wells Sampled at the Peacock in June 2012. The work was a highlight of the evening, which included work by Paco Pena, English National Ballet and Jonzi D.'

Anneliese Graham - Programming Manager, Sadlers Wells



'I was delighted to present striking Cathy Waller’s quartet ‘Tempo’ as part of West End Live in Trafalgar Square in contrast to the musical theatre programme and Big Zumba Dance.  It was a challenging context for contemporary dance but the piece very much engaged the audience due to the intensity of the dancers and music. The work was proposed by Sadler’s Wells to represent Big Dance which was an exciting opportunity for an emerging choreographer such as Cathy to be part of this high profile strand of the countdown to Big Dance 2012.'

Jacqueline Rose - Director, Big Dance

'Cathy creates work that is fast paced, accessible and collaborative and that really explores the relationship between music and dance.' 


Polly Risbridger

Director, East London Dance

Cathy Waller Company's 'Tempo'....


'Well, that was impressive! She's one to watch.' 


Ballet Boyz